Permanent Placement Staffing Solutions


Staff Reps assists small to large scale businesses with finding the right candidate for permanent placement opportunities.  We work with you to gain an understanding of your organizations culture, your staffing needs and the job requirements to ensure you are being matched with the top talent in the industry.

Through our extensive database of professionals, as well as our recruitment expertise and knowledge in the marketplace, you will gain access to industry leaders and career minded individuals who will add value to your organization. Whether the position is entry level or senior management, with Staff Reps you can rest assured you are hiring the best candidate for the role.

Identifying, locating and attracting top caliber candidates for our clients is the primary goal at Staff Reps. Through our in-depth screening and evaluating process we ensure that all candidates we refer have the experience, technical skills and personality to thrive within your organization.

At Staff Reps we stand behind our work and offer replacement guarantees on all employees we place in your organization.  For terms and conditions please contact us today.

Temporary & Contract Staffing Solutions


Staff Reps works with small to large scale business' to find reliable and qualified professionals to fill short and long-term temporary and contract positions.

We at Staff Reps are here to assist with your business and staffing needs allowing you to remain focused on the core activity of your business and what you do best.  Servicing a variety of industries our staff is available 24/7 to respond to the dynamic, adapting, even the unexpected needs of your business in a moment's notice. We provide fully screened, dependable, and experienced candidates to ensure your company has the flexibility needed to continue operating seamlessly.

Specializing in general labourers, skilled trades, machine operators, robotic operators, welders, forklift drivers, industrial painters, shippers/receivers, warehouse helpers, office personnel, accounting staff, experiential marketing, retail/sales representatives and more.

Benefits of Temporary Staffing:

  • Cost effective way of enabling flexibility for you to meet your businesses short and long term goals: seasonal increases in staffing needs, unexpected work shortages, opening of new facilities and more
  • Flexibility to ensure candidate is the right fit in your workplace, with the option of hiring permanently
  • Cost reduction and management of overtime, training, employee turnover, costs associated with employee burnouts and absenteeism
  • Ability to work within tight cost constraints and time demands
  • Pre-screened, reliable, hardworking candidates available immediately
  • Full payroll solutions allowing your employees to remain focused on core company objectives



Staff Reps payroll service allows our clients to utilize our established system to pay individuals sourced directly or indirectly. Our process is seamless and convenient for both the individual on payroll as well as our clients. Whether temporary employees or independent contractors, we help ensure that compliance is met in all aspects of payroll legislation and the Employment Standards Act, while handling all payroll administration from direct deposits and pay stubs to T4s, ROEs, employee deductions, government remittances and more.

Benefits of Using Our Payroll Services:

  • Payroll administration can bog down a company’s internal staff, diverting attention from more important activities related to developing the business. Staff Reps’ payroll services provide payroll experts and advanced technology ensuring that the paperwork is completed on time and accurately.
  • Independent Contractors - Hiring an independent contractor that you sourced directly. Most independent contractors do not meet governmental standards when providing services to employers. Our Payroll services allow our clients to utilize the independent contractor while ensuring government regulations are followed.
  • Temporary Staff – Short term assignment without having the individual(s) on your payroll.
  • Head Count - You need to hire someone you sourced directly, but you have to keep your head count down and are unable to put them on your payroll.
  • Retired Employees - Recall retired employees for special projects.
  • Downsized Employees – Utilize past employees for special projects.

Human Resources Consulting


Staff Reps Human Resources Consulting service provides expertise covering all facets of human resources.

Benefits of Our HR Consulting Services:

  • An unexpected leave from the Human Resources Department
  • Implementation of new policies and procedures
  • Outplacement services: Individual and group workshops available. Topics Include: career guidance, career evaluation, resume writing and interview preparation, developing networks, job search skills, targeting the job market and more.
  • Recruitment support
  • Health and safety
  • Benefits
  • Restructuring and termination

Please contact Staff Reps for more information on the services we provide.  We are flexible and will work relentlessly to provide you and your company with the best possible HR, recruiting and staffing solutions.